Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Two Little Piggies

I love custom requests. I just love them. I love getting to come up with something new - usually something I wouldn't have come up with on my own. But mostly I love the stories that so often come with custom orders.

I just had the pleasure of making a set of custom piglets for a pair of 18 month old twins who are about to be adopted. I don't know much about their story - but I know that adoption is just so beautiful. And I love that I had the honor of being just a small part of their homecoming.

Their aunt requested two coordinating pigs - one purple and one green. She needed a pretty quick turn around - so I decided against making up my own pattern. The testing, the frogging, the re-designing - I didn't want to risk not being done in time. So I decided to use Amigurumi to Go's Pig Pattern. I've used a few of her pattern's before and they're all so cute. She also does video tutorials of a lot of her patterns - so if you are a visual learner, or you're new to amigurumi - it's a great place to start looking for free patterns.

Of course, I can't just take a pattern as it's written. I just can't help it. I miniaturize. It's what I do.

The original pattern makes about 10" pigs. Mine fit in my hand pretty easily. I forgot to measure them before I sent them to their new home - but I think they were around 6 or 7".

They'll huff...and they'll puff...and...
I really love how these little guys turned out. Their feet and tails are alternate colors. And those puffy cheeks - just irresistible. 

One last look at the busy streets of Chicago before they head south for their new home
Those tails. 

I'm kind of sad to see these guys go. But I was so happy to send them off to meet their new twin buddies.

If you want to miniaturize your own piglet, I put my notes on my modifications on my ravelry project page. They're shorthand - and it's possible that I'm the only one who would understand them. But if you try it out and you get stuck - just let me know. I'm happy to provide interpretations. 

And if you are looking for a custom order - let me know! I would be honored to be a part of your story!

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